Crime Novels by Barclay Linwood

Like any Mother. I’m on call 24 hours with no days off or sick leave. So my friends assumed that I never have time for reading because looking after my children takes up literally all of my time. But actually, I do read. I didn’t know Crimes books are so addictive until I discovered them. I’ve been reading a lot of them for the last three years.

One of my favorite authors is Barclay Linwood – a Canadian writer.  The reason why I love his books is because the main characters in his books are not necessarily a superhero, an FBI agent, or a detective in the Police force. They are just very ordinary people like an English teacher, a gardener…. but they all have amazing stories. So, basically, crime novels can also be very interesting with characters that are just ordinary people who are not aligned with law enforcement in any manner.

The first book I read was No time for goodbye, which I bought on It was really a page-turning novel, and I only put it down after reading the first 300 pages. And one after another, I finished all of his books in 2 weeks. And now, I’m on his latest book in the series, Promise Fall Trilogy: The Twenty-Three. And it’s gonna be a late night for me again because Barclay Linwood’s books are simply too addictive!

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